Interac Flash

Protect yourself with Interac Flash®

In response to the dramatic increase in Interac Flash® transactions, Interac has increased its spending limits. While the $100 single transaction limit remains unchanged, the cumulative spending total has increased from $200 to $400 for all cards issued prior to April 30. When you reach the cumulative total of $400 you will be required to insert your CHIP and enter your PIN as normal.

The contactless method of payment skyrocketed in popularity since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as it allows you to make purchases without touching the payment terminal.

Your Oshawa Community debit card is already equipped with Interac Flash®, so you can start tapping right away. The new cumulative limit will take effect after your first CHIP and PIN transaction.

If you previously asked us to deactivate your cards Interac Flash® and would like to reactivate it, call us at 905-576-4200 and we'll have your card ready to tap in a Flash!


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