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Get the MasterPlan!

Think of the MasterPlan as an umbrella that’s got you covered for that inevitable rainy day. Get your mortgage at a great rate with the option of adding a loan and/or line of credit fully secured by your home. The MasterPlan allows for greater flexibility and the potential to change with your borrowing needs. The MasterPlan also includes a free chequing account with unlimited banking (in-branch and self-service) and many other valuable services.





• Borrow up to 80% of the appraised value of your property (up to 95% if CMHC insured)

• 1-5 year terms available

• Option of fixed or variable rates

• Option to add a Line of Credit and/or Loan with competitive interest rates and fully open prepayment options • Additional payment options available • Increased prepayment up to 50%

• Skip-a-payment up to 3 times per year

• Defer a payment up to 5 days

• Early repayment clause (cost based on mortgage value) • 25 year amortization available if CMHC insured, 30 years if uninsured 




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