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The Credit Union has procedures for fairly handling dissatisfied members, account holders, and/or consumers. We examine all complaints and attempt to settle them fairly using a process that is accessible to everyone. It is also recognized that many complaints can be effectively resolved at the point of contact.

For those complaints that cannot be resolved at the point of contact, the Credit Union has established a procedure for escalation and has designated a senior employee responsible for handling these matters. That procedure and designated employee’s contact information is available on the Credit Union website, at the branch, and upon request.

We also have an established process for handling complaints that cannot be resolved through internal avenues.

To identify trends, and the types of complaints lodged, the Credit Union maintains records of complaints received, and the actions taken to address them. The Credit Union will review trends identified in the records on a regular basis to facilitate process improvements and improve Member satisfaction.

While we do strive for excellence in member service, we also recognize at times we may fall short. These times give us opportunities to receive your feedback on how we may improve.

Formal Complaint Process

1. Formal Complaints must be in writing, signed by the complainant and must be submitted to the Complaints Officer:


  • By mail addressed or hand delivered to:
    John Remillard, Complaints Officer
    Oshawa Community Credit Union
    214 King Street East, Oshawa ON L1H 1C7

2. Formal Complaints must include all relevant and material information including but not limited to date(s), time(s), employee(s) involved, service delivery channel(s) (i.e., in branch, internet banking, chat etc.), device utilized, financial amount(s) (if applicable), account number(s) and your full name and contact information

3. Formal Complaints must provide a detailed description of the events preceding and resulting in the complaint

4. A Formal Complaint should provide a proposed satisfactory resolution.

5. A Formal Complaint will be acknowledged as received via email (or regular mail).

6. A formal written response will be provided after a thorough investigation by the Complaints Officer is completed. While 90 days is the mandatory limit for a response, we target to have our written response to you within thirty days.

7. All Formal Complaints are shared with your Board of Directors ensuring you respectful accountability.

Formal Complaints can be followed up by writing the Complaints Officer as indicated below:

John Remillard, Complaints Officer
Oshawa Community Credit Union
214 King Street East, Oshawa ON L1H 1C7

Where a Formal Complaint involves a claim of monetary loss, additional documents may be required such as a copy of the filing of a Police Report and the execution of an affidavit to attest to the truth of the foregoing.

During investigations of alleged fraud, to mitigate further losses, restrictions to services and/or limits may be placed on your account.

In the event the above process does not provide you with satisfactory resolution you may appeal the Complaints Officer’s proposed resolution to the Board.

Appeal to the Board and the resulting Board response will be authorized and communicated through the Complaints Officer. If such Board proposed resolution is still unsatisfactory you may file a further complaint with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario at the following web address:

or to

The Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments

or to

The Chamber Banking Ombuds Office

Please ensure that you have read and understood the Complaints Procedure above in entirety. You can click the "Complaints Procedure" title section above to expand the procedure.

You may submit a formal complaint electronically by using the "Submit a Formal Complaint" button located below. Uploaded documents will be stored on our secure server.

1) You will be required to sign into or create a Google account in order to use this submission method.

2) Submissions must be in PDF format, and not exceed 10MB in size.


Your deposits are protected.

At Oshawa Community Credit Union, eligible deposits in registered accounts have unlimited coverage through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).
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