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Teresa's Retirement Expand/Collapse

On Friday, September 18th, Loan Officer Teresa Brudek turned the page and began the next chapter of life: retirement.  Teresa began her journey with Oshawa Community in January 1983 as a Member Service Representative assisting members on the frontline with their daily banking.  Teresa quickly advanced to the loan department where she worked as a Loan Officer for the majority of her career.  Teresa has had an extremely successful career with Oshawa Community, guiding members through some of life’s biggest moments; securing financing to purchase their first home, buying a new car and sending their kids off to college whom she watched grow up.

Although the decision to retire came with a heavy heart, Teresa is looking forward to spending more time with friends and family and enjoying her favourite outdoor activities; walking the lovely country roads of her rural neighbourhood, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. 

It’s the end of an era but a new beginning filled with endless possibilities.  While our tight-knit team is sad to say goodbye, we are truly happy for Teresa and look forward to seeing her in the branch on the other side of the counter.  Teresa, we thank you for 37 years of wonderful memories as well as your hard work and dedication to Oshawa Community.  You will be missed!

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We're proud to offer an awesome new series of financial education videos designed to help our members learn about money!

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The Reality of Fraud Expand/Collapse

Click here to view The Reality of Fraud document

Advisory: Intercepted Interac e-Transfers on the Rise

Over the past six months, the number of intercepted e-Transfers has continued to rise
since the spike financial institutions experienced last June. An “intercepted e-Transfer”
occurs when a member sends a legitimate e-Transfer and a fraudster intercepts the
notification e-mail by hacking into the sender’s e-mail. The fraudster then changes the
recipients e-mail to their own so they can deposit the funds into their own bank account
before the true recipient has a chance to accept the transfer.

Read on for tips to keep your e-Transfers secure:

  • Register for Auto-Deposit (Best Option): If you always deposit your e-ransfers to the same account, signing up for Auto-Deposit will completely eliminate the risk of an interception. The incoming transfer will always be deposited to the same account sans test question. There will be no opportunity for the fraudster to intercept the transfer however you will still receive an e-mail confirming the transfer has been credited to your account.
  • Choose secure test questions: If you choose a test question that is a “Yes” or
    “No” answer, the fraudster has a pretty good shot of guessing it correctly. Ideally
    you want to choose a question that only the receiver will know the answer to and
    that a fraudster couldn’t guess from perusing your social media accounts. The
    names of pets and grandchildren are both terrible choices.
  • Don’t give away the answer: This should be obvious, however, some people
    have opted to include the answer of their test question in the “Message” box.
    Don’t do this! Also, never share the answer to the security question using the same channel you are using to send the e-Transfer.
  • Be cautious of phishing links: This is one of the ways that your e-mail can
    become compromised. Never open or click on a link from an e-mail unless you
    are 100% confident in the sender. Sometimes hackers will create an e-mail that
    looks very similar to the e-mail of a reliable source. For example: if you receive
    an e-mail from myself at Oshawa Community Credit Union, make sure the
    address is ( and not something very close like
    ( Oftentimes clicking on a link will download malicious
    software to your computer that allows fraudsters to track everything you do,
    including which websites you visit and what login credentials you enter, such as
    your e-mail account.

If you are suspicious of an e-mail or are concerned you have been hacked, please don’t
hesitate to reach out to us at Oshawa Community for guidance.

Fraud Ambassadors

Linda Treen
Administration Manager & Compliance Officer
T 905-436-5416

Amy Munro
Member Services Representative
T 905-436-5418

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