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Annual General Meeting of Members


    Oshawa Community’s 81st Annual General Meeting of members was held on April 13th, 2021 where the Chair of the Board, Roy Vanderkwaak, reported another prosperous year!   

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, branch service and access controls put in place, Oshawa Community remains strong and strives to meet our members financial needs, especially during these unprecedented times.  We thank our members for their patience, continued support, and their adapting to our other “Ways to Bank”.  

    In 2020, nearly $400K was generated in income (before taxes and distributions) with approximately $56K distributed in dividends to members.  Oshawa Community continues to be one of the strongest credit unions in Ontario with a capital ratio over 10%.    



    Board of Directors 

    Gil Paterson, Chair of the Nominating Committee, announced that there were three director positions available to each serve a 3-year term.  The three incumbents Roy Vanderkwaak, Howard Smith and Dorothy Watson were acclaimed. Click below to read more about our directors!


    Roy Vanderkwaak 


    Honourable Announcements 

    • John Remillard, previously known as the General Manager, is now officially our CEO and we could not be happier.  Please join us in congratulating John!

    • Dorothy Watson was appointed to the Board of Directors in July 2020

    • Michael Nakamura was appointed by the Board of Directors as our new Associate Director in December 2020

    • Suzanne Bramham, previous Member Service Representative, was promoted to Retail Credit Manager in August 2020.

    • Teresa Brudek, long-term Loan Officer retired in September 2020. 



    Along with the recent deployment of Forge, our new “member friendly” website and internet banking platform, we aim to continue enhancing our electronic products and services in 2021.                                           

    Enhanced Features Coming Soon! 

    Instant e-Transfer Service – For small dollar amounts, Interac e-Transfers will be delivered to your recipient instantly.  This will make sending money to friends and family faster than ever!

    Two-Factor Authentication – This new tool will be replacing our current Personal Verification Question system.  Two step authentication will send a one-time code to your email or mobile device.  This will help to further safeguard your online banking profile and will allow us to offer new services that require a higher level of security than Personal Verification Questions can offer.  

    Stay Informed Using Alerts

    The “Alerts” functionality (found within the account services section of Online Banking) is an extremely powerful fraud prevention tool. Configure an email address or phone number to receive instant alerts for a variety of online banking events such as adding bill payees, sending e-Transfers, profile changes or log in attempts. 

    Don’t Miss Out! 

    Subscribe to our e-mail list here ​if you haven’t already.  You could be missing out on fraud alerts, service interruption notifications or COVID-19 related updates that affect you.