Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Board of Directors and management team would like to invite you to the Members Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 at 7 p.m.

 Read our 2020 Annual Report here 

Annually, there are three (3) positions available for the position of director to each serve a 3-year term.  The three incumbents: Roy Vanderkwaak, Howard Smith and Dorothy Watson are acclaimed as there were no other applications submitted. Learn more about our returning directors by reading their bios below.

To say that Roy Vanderkwaak is a great fit for Oshawa Community’s Board of Directors, specifically, the Chair of the Board, is an understatement.  

“You could call Roy a Credit Union Connoisseur!” remarks Linda Treen, Oshawa Community’s Administration Manager and Chief Anti Money Laundering Officer. “Roy is the longest tenured Board member in Oshawa Community’s history!”

Roy is incredibly business savvy and knowledgeable regarding the affairs of the credit union system, which he’s been a member of his entire working life, and a loyal member at Oshawa Community since 1977.

“I’m a big believer in the credit union system, especially Oshawa Community Credit Union!” says Roy. 

Furthermore, with over 30 years of service to The City of Oshawa, retiring as the Manager of Parking and Transportation Support Services, Roy clearly encompasses the leadership skills and commitment to our community that are vital as a member of the Board.

Roy was first elected to the Board in 1993 and has held the position of Chair for many years. Roy has also served as the Chair of the Audit Committee, Secretary of the Board and has served on both the Policy and Maintenance Committees. 

Roy is a highly educated individual who studied Civil Engineering at the University of Windsor. Roy also went on to complete the Canadian Institute of Management Program. While Roy is “officially” retired, he keeps himself busy boating, spending time at the cottage and traveling the world; most recently Egypt!

"My neighbours always joke with my wife and I that we just use our house as a storage unit,” Roy says laughing.  “As soon as we get back from a trip, they ask, “Where are you off to tomorrow?!”

As much as Roy enjoys jet setting around the world with his lovely and charming wife, he always comes back to the Credit Union with a big smile, eager to get back to business and to share his hilarious jokes and stories with the staff.

With over 50 years of experience practicing accounting in Oshawa and its surrounding communities, Oshawa Community’s Chair of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, Howard Smith, is an indispensable asset to the Credit Union.

Howard has been a valued member of Oshawa Community since 1983 and was first elected to the Board of Directors in 2015. Howard has held the position of Chair of the Audit Committee for five terms and has also served as a member of the Planning and Budget, Nominating and Maintenance Committees. 

With years of knowledge and experience, Howard decided to impart his wisdom teaching other accountants. Howard worked as an instructor in Not-for-Profit Accounting at UOIT and also mentored accountants here in Ontario as well as the Maritimes. Howard was also an instructor for United Way’s Leadership Development Program covering topics including board governance and the roles and responsibilities of board members.

Howard is a proven leader with several presidencies under his belt at many local organizations including the United Way, the Durham Children’s Aid Society and the Driftwood Theater Group. Furthermore, Howard was the Treasurer for many local organizations like the Durham Community Foundation, Epilepsy Durham and Home Base Durham. 

Undoubtedly a self-motivated individual, easily filling his days with his passions for accounting, leadership and community involvement, Howard keeps his schedule open enough to enjoy spending time with his lovely wife and loving family (especially at the cottage!).  He is also very active, citing badminton, volleyball and cycling as some of his favourite pass times. And well very obviously, a “numbers guy”, Howard is happy to enjoy a reprieve from number crunching by hopping on his motorcycle and leaving his numerous responsibilities behind.

Recently retired from a 37 plus-year career in the Credit Union system, 31 of those serving with Credit Union Central of Ontario and Central 1, Dorothy Watson has been formally recognized as a champion of credit unions and co-operative values.

In recognition of her career, upon her retirement, Central 1 established the “Dorothy Watson Co-operative Young Leaders Bursary”, a fund administered by the Ontario Credit Union Foundation (OCUF). In 2020, she was also the recipient of the “Gary Gillam Award for Corporate Social Responsibility”, co-sponsored by Central 1 and Alterna Savings Credit Union. Dorothy was further honoured as the recipient of the “2020 Distinguished Service Award” from the (OCUF).

A graduate of York University’s bilingual campus, Glendon College, with an Honours B.A., Dorothy pursued continuous learning throughout her career, having completed Queens University’s extensive Executive Development program and most recently Foundations of Governance from CUsource Learning, along with a myriad of other courses.

Her credit union work career began at Co-operative Trust Company, first in Toronto and then in the Ottawa office. She then moved to the Ottawa Women’s Credit Union where she subsequently became the General Manager and succeeded in growing the credit union’s assets over 100% before joining Ontario Central.

Initially overseeing several departments including Human Resources, Credit Union Training, and Marketing, Dorothy then turned her focus to leading a service excellence culture change journey at Ontario Central more than doubling member approval ratings injust two years. She was also a founding Board member of CUsource Learning and served on that Board for six years.

With the merger on Ontario Central and B.C. Central to form Central 1, Dorothy actively participated in the complex transition process, brought ten Ontario credit unions back into Central membership, and consistently advocated for credit union values. The CEO ofCentral 1, Mark Blucher, when announcing the Gary Gillam Award, said “Dorothy Watson worked tirelessly to advocate for social responsibility within the credit union system. Her efforts continue to influence credit unions across Canada in their approaches to working with their communities, and we are honoured to recognize her lasting impact.”

Dorothy is excited about the opportunity to continue to support Oshawa Community Credit Union as a Board member, Audit Committee and Policy Committee member or in any other governance capacity if requested.

With respect to the guidance issued from the Ontario Ministry of Health concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting will be held virtually. We are requesting that members register for the meeting by contacting our office at 905-576-4200 or