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    More about this demo website

    This demo site was lovingly built from the ground up on the Forge Digital Banking Platform by The Agency at Central 1. In just a few weeks, our team collaborated on theme, widget selection, site build, content and creative direction to transform a blank canvas into a fully-functioning demo website.

    While we're super proud of the overall look and feel of this site, its purpose is to serve as a reference point - or even a little bit of inspiration - when crafting your own unique banking site. We welcome you to borrow as much or as little of this site as you please, including use of our image library. The world website is your oyster.

    Forge Digital Banking

    Take your financial institution into the future with Forge Digital Banking.

    Craft a personalized and relevant digital experience for your customers with Forge. Melding award-winning technical architecture with customized banking and payment solutions, Forge meets the diverse digital needs of Canadian financial institutions as they grow.

    The Agency at Central 1

    If creativity was a box of crayons, ours would be bursting colourfully at the seams.

    The Agency at Central 1 is a team of industry award-winning specialists with over 50 years of combined experience helping Canadian financial institutions find their brand flavor. The Agency has successfully melded their marketing and creative services together with the cutting-edge technologies of the Forge Digital Banking Platform to bring this Future Financial demo branch to life.