Limiting how much you spend can be challenging when you are accustomed to spending liberally. Whether you’re working towards a big purchase or want to build a budget to save for the future, Oshawa Community is here for you.  Check out the video below to learn how to build a budget that is realistic for your income, lifestyle and financial goals.

Building a Budget

This beginner's guide explains what exactly should be classified as a "want" vs. a "need".  Yes, there is a difference! Watch the video and learn what you really can live without so that you can put more money aside for future “needs”.


Organizing Your Finances

A big part of budgeting is being organized. Knowing what is coming in and out of your account, what documentation you should hold onto and what you can scrap to declutter.  Check out the video below to learn how staying organized can benefit you financially.


Good vs. Bad Spending

Like many other pleasures in life, spending is a habit that can be addictive and detrimental to your finances.  Striking a healthy balance is important for financial success and learning how to prioritize your expenses is the first step to building a successful budgeting plan.  Check out the video below to learn how you can edit your expenses and grow your bank account.


Not sure how to properly allocate your funds? We can help you with that!

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