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Meet Our Team


    Board of Directors


    G. Paterson

    Board Chair


    D. Watson

    Vice Chair


    H. Berkers

    Board Secretary


    R. Vanderkwaak

    Member at Large


    C. Blair

    Audit Committee Chair


    D. Nicholls

    Policy Committee Chair


    C. Salmers

    Planning Committee Chair


    J. Moore


    H. Smith


    R. Linton


    C. Quinlan


    Management Team


    John Remillard

    Chief Executive Officer

    John's Email

    Linda Treen 

    Administration Manager

    Linda's Email

    Jakob Henninger 

    IT Manager

    Suzanne Bramham 

    Retail Credit Manager


    Member Service Representatives


    Sharan Yarrow

    (905) 436-5426

    Carolyn Terrion 

    (905) 436-5420

    Lori Kelly 

    (905) 436-5427

    Lori Hunsley 

    (905) 436-5424

    Sarah Broderick

    (905) 436-5425

    Samantha Harrison

    (905) 436-5419

    Patricia Albrecht

    (905) 436-5412

    William Prest

    (905) 436-5418