An Opportunity Exists For You to Become a Board Member

OCCU is seeking interested members to consider a position to serve as a director for a three (3) year term.  

As a Director you will have the opportunity to work with an elite team of professionals to set policy and provide strategic direction for a complex and multi-dimensional corporation.

The following skills and responsibilities will complement your application for this position:

  • Team player who demonstrates business experience and knowledge.

  • Independent thinker willing to challenge issues during committee and board meetings.

  • Able to contribute recommendations for long term strategic planning.Analytical skills to effectively review financial results and assist the Board with overseeing the operation.

  • Strong written and verbal communicator with the ability to participate in Board discussions and debate complex issues of corporate governance, responsibility, legal matters, financial issues, strategic direction and review of audits.

  • Understands the role of Credit Unions in the community and the philosophy of “people helping people”.

  • Actively promotes OCCU to attract and source new business.

  • Committed to prepare for and attend multiple committee and Board meetings.

Nomination Period

Applications will be received from January 10th to February 25th, 2022.Please contact Linda Treen, Administration Manager at 905-436-5416 ( or Suzanne Bramham, at 905-436-5417 ( for more information.