Remote Support

You can use the application below to start a remote support session with an OCCU employee. This will allow the employee to view your screen and control your device. Before starting a remote support session, please read the liability disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Remote Support is only available during our normal business hours.

Please note: by starting the remote support session, you are stating that you agree to the liability disclaimer.

Remote Support Liability Disclaimer Expand/Collapse

Remote Support Liability Disclaimer

You are about to establish a remote support session with an Oshawa Community Credit Union (OCCU) employee. Please note: by joining a remote support session, you are stating that you agree to this liability disclaimer.

OCCU does not accept any liability for data or software that is lost, corrupted, deleted or altered prior to, during or after the remote session.

Data security is the sole responsibility of the customer. Liability is restricted to intent and gross negligence. OCCU accepts no liability for faults which it is not responsible, even if they occur around the time when the support is provided.

By joining the remote session you hereby confirm your acceptance of the terms of this disclaimer and give consent to allow the OCCU support team member control of your device. Please note that the service is only available during our business hours and subject to prior arrangement by telephone with our support staff.

  • The support staff cannot access your computer without your express consent.
  • The support staff cannot collaborate with you without your consent.
  • No third-party programs will be installed on your computer without prior discussion and your express permission.
  • Data will not be removed from your computer unnoticed and without authorization.
  • The custom session code provided ensures that you will be connected to an OCCU support staff member.
  • Every remote session is encrypted with AES-256 block encryption.
  • Please find detailed information about the security of our remote support software here.
  • You can end the session at any time.
  • For quality assurance and security the support session may be recorded.

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