Learn About Our New Phone System

Same number, new possibilities

The next time you call in, things might sound a little different! Our new phone system provides the ability for us to better direct your calls to give you the expertise you need as soon as possible.

Our main number is still the same: 905-576-4200. Once you've called in, you'll have the following options:

  • At any point during the menu, you can dial an employee's extension.
  • Press 0 to reach our receptionist.
  • Press 1 for technical support.
  • Press 2 to perform a transaction.
  • Press 3 for the loan department.
  • Press 4 for the investment department.
  • Press 5 for our dial-by-name directory.
  • Press 6 to report a lost or stolen ATM card.
  • Press 9 to hear a list of our new employee extensions.
  • Press star (*) to hear our current hours of operation.
  • Press # to repeat the main menu.

If you choose option 1 (technical support) or 2 (perform a transaction), the system will immediately start searching for the first available representative. If you choose option 3 (loan department) or 4 (investment department) you will hear a secondary menu asking if you'd like the first available representative, or a specific employee.

Last but not least, our new system gives us the ability to have a unique direct number for each employee. Not in the mood to listen to a robot give you options? Dial an employee's direct number instead of our main business number and you'll go straight to their phone - no auto attendant required.

Here's a complete list of our direct numbers and new extensions. Please note, the extensions are simply the last 3 digits of the direct numbers (except for Sarah, our receptionist):

Name & Title Number Extension
Amy Munro, MSR (905) 436-5418 418
Carolyn Terrion, MSR (905) 436-5420 420
Jackie King, MSR (905) 436-5423 423
Jakob Henninger, IT Manager  (905) 436-5415 415
John Remillard, Acting CEO (905) 436-5414 414
Linda Treen, Admin Manager (905) 436-5416 416
Lori Hunsley, MSR (905) 436-5424 424
Lori Kelly, MSR (905) 436-5427 427
Samantha Harrison, MSR (905) 436-5419 419
Sarah Broderick, MSR (905) 436-5411 510
Sharan Yarrow, Loan Officer (905) 436-5426 426
Suzanne Bramham, Retail Credit Manager (905) 436-5417 417
Teresa Brudek, Loan Officer (905) 436-5425 425

And that's all there is to it! Happy dialing!

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