Replacement ATM Cards Coming Soon!

In 2017, Credit Union Transaction Services (CUETS) provided notice that they will no longer be manufacturing or supporting MemberCard debit cards. As a result, Everlink has been selected as our new provider of choice.

In April 2018, members with MemberCard debit cards will receive a letter through Canada Post with a replacement card.

                                       New Card 


                                        Old Card


Tip: Make sure to look for the OCCU logo on your new card!


Important Facts:

Fact:  You may continue to use your existing PIN with your new card.

Benefit:  No need to PIN the new card in the office.


Fact:  Your old card will automatically be deactivated as soon as you perform a transaction with your new card.

Benefit:  No need to call the office to deactivate your old card. Once you have confirmed that your new debit card is working, please destroy and dispose of your old card safely.


Features of Your New Card:

Feature:  Your new MemberCard debit card will be chip compliant.

Benefit:  Chip technology provides a secure payment environment while protecting you against fraudulent card use.


Feature:  Your new debit card will be personalized with the latest Interac Flash technology.

Benefit:  Interac Flash is contactless which allows you to conveniently and securely make smaller everyday purchases at select merchants without having to insert your card or PIN. Simply tap your card at any merchant that supports Interac Flash technology - it's quick and safe. If you wish to deactivate the Flash (Tap) option, please call the office.


Feature:  Your new debit card will now include our Oshawa Community Credit Union logo (see images above).

Benefit:  This will highlight that you bank with OCCU and will increase our brand penetration within our community.


If you would like more information about Interac Flash, please refer to this article on Interac Flash security on the Interac website: